Staying virtual? Here’s 7 tips that can help you close a deal remotely


Virtual sales calls have replaced the more traditional face-to-face style, even as we move out of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Video calls are both flexible and they allow your business to scale up, globally should you wish. They certainly have their benefits.

Meeting over Zoom or Microsoft Teams is convenient for both client and sales representative and has essentially become the normal.

But if you’re unsure whether you have mastered the skill of closing a deal in a virtual setting, then do take a look at some of the following tips. 


Plan ahead. 

All telesales representatives have a script that they memorise over time. You can tell the new employees from the seasoned ones by how they deliver their script and whether it sounds natural or simply read out from the screen. 

We suggest that you too use a script to get you started, but with bullet points of information to allow for natural engagement and an organic flow. 


Make it engaging.

Imagery sells, so share your screen and create powerpoint presentations, or take them through a series of different websites to paint a clear picture that emphasises the points you are making.  


Look professional.

Not only do you look the part by having the right equipment, you will also feel more confident and comfortable within yourself. 

Set up your workstation and invest in a good microphone and in some quality lighting. Perform a test run with a friend to make sure everything is working properly. 


Keep an eye for cues.

Our attention spans in front of screens are notoriously low, as in about 10 minutes long. Make sure you are watching your prospect for signs of boredom and react accordingly. 

If something can be added in an email, then skip it during the call. 

Reading body language virtually can be extremely difficult, but a good trick is to occasionally mimic what the other person is doing and make eye contact with the camera when listening. 


Be clear about what’s next.

A good sales trick whatever the setting, it’s important to keep your potential client comfortable by letting them know what they are to expect next. 

Follow up all information with an email and potentially include some time-limited sales incentives or other tactics. 

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