Understand crypto before you invest in it


Although cryptocurrencies are now the second most popular investment, too many holders are completely unaware of the dangers they may be putting themselves in.

A recent survey found that a quarter of investors had crypto in their portfolio yet only a fifth believed such an investment was ‘risky’.

There has been a growth in retail investing since the pandemic, which has driven a change in investment patterns and fuelled changes to the mix of product types being traded.

The prevalence of social media and other digital channels to spread information and to add diversity to trading platforms has also had an impact on the way that investors behave. 

44% of retail investors said that they held cryptocurrency. This makes it second only to Australian shares, where 73% of those surveyed said they held these. 

Interestingly, a quarter of those who hold crypto say that this is their only investment.

At Glance Consultants, we keep up to date with current cryptocurrency news and regulatory changes and are keenly aware of the risks, and potential gains, involved with cryptocurrency investments. 

We are able to advise our clients who have invested in cryptocurrency what their tax obligations are and to work out a plan with them to ensure that they are making the most sound investment decisions from a tax perspective.

There is currently limited protection for crypto-assets even as they have become a widely mainstream investment source and receive copious amounts of media advertising and attention. 

Over half of surveyed investors who own cryptocurrency shares are sitting in the 18-34 age bracket. Four out of ten investors were heavily reliant on influencers to gain relevant information about their cryptocurrency investments.

Much more clarity is required around cryptocurrency regulations, including adequate and reliable information regarding the risk factor of these potentially lucrative investments. 

If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrency and its tax and accounting implications please contact our team at Glance Consultants on 03 98859793 or at enquiries@glanceconsultants.com.au 

The skills shortage isn’t going away

Between rising inflation and supply chain issues, the final straw for SMEs is the difficulty in finding skilled staff to fill roles.

Insolvency Australia recently said that one of the driving factors behind businesses nationwide being forced into insolvency is the inability to find workers. 

The tourism, hospitality and construction sectors were particularly vulnerable but with unemployment at a record low 3.5%, this issue is felt across multiple industries.

Although the hospitality industry is clearly struggling to find staff and labour shortages are forcing doors to close, the supply of parts and services are causing problems for many other businesses. 

Whether it be a delay in postal or freight services due to reduced staffing numbers or a delay in stock coming in to suppliers, there is a flow on effect that is felt across all the sectors and is having a detrimental impact on the performance of a business.

Recently, reports of the financial sector struggling to keep up with customer demand due to staff shortages has had an impact on customer satisfaction. Even the timeframe for opening a bank account in some major banks has ballooned to up to two weeks.

Glance Consultants are seeking ways to support their clients to find solutions to best meet their ever-changing needs. Tightening cash flows, squeezed margins and skill shortages are just some of the crises that businesses are facing. Contact our office on 03 98859793 or at enquiries@glanceconsultants.com.au at for help with your business. 

By speaking to an experienced advisor, you can bounce ideas off professionals who are equipped with the skills to provide sound advice.

We are aware of the domino effect that can occur when staff shortages can cause a loss in customer service which in turn has an effect on the bottom line.

As the government makes moves to ease these skills shortages by adopting visa rule changes, there is a time lag between application to acceptance to hiring that may be too late for some businesses. 

The pandemic created border closures that prompted the exodus of many foreign workers who are yet to return, leaving a gaping void in our workforce that needs to be filled, and quickly.


Wherever Can I Fulfill Single Filipina Women?

If you’re seeking for a Filipino female to date, there are some places you can start. Neighborhood parks have got exercise facilities which can be a good icebreaker. Also, malls own plenty of opportunities to meet women. Just make sure to approach ladies in a way that makes them feel relaxed and welcome.

OkCupid is one of the many popular online dating sites in the Israel, and is an excellent place to meet desirable Filipina singles. Contrary to other online dating sites, you don’t need a paid membership to access vital features. Ladies on OkCupid need to “like” your profile in buy for you to get in touch with them.

You can also make your own meet-ups with single women in your city. Often , these meet-ups are based on hobbies or common interests. These situations are some of the most popular places to fulfill single Filipino women. Another great option should be to attend community bars. Nevertheless , be careful when you go to a bar. Some establishments might employ professional mature workers who have look for customers.

Aside from classified ads, also you can use dating apps and online communities to meet Filipino ladies in America. You may also try a great app called ZINGR. This is a worldwide dating service in the Filipino online filipina dating and safety tips language, which can be an excellent way to meet new Filipino women and make friends.

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Filipino ladies like to knowledge new things and are also open to fresh impressions. They will is going out of their way to see the world and try out fresh experiences. That they love hoping foreign brides new dishes, volunteering in hostels, and spending time in hammocks. They are wanting to sweat a bit dirt meant for themselves. If you are looking for a partner that will promote these experience with you, then you can definitely try internet dating a Filipina woman in the Philippines.

Filipino ladies are fabulous, and men via different parts of the world are attracted to them. Their particular charming appears and natural sense of self-respect make them a perfect bride for a foreign groom. Make an effort an international seeing site to find beautiful Filipina gals looking for a critical relationship.

Filipino females are happy, family-oriented, and very good with their particular predicament. They master these skills from their mothers and are frequently better managers than men. Also, they are known to be ready to accept foreign men. They are generally extremely friendly, and they have increased standards for his or her partner.

Online dating sites can also be a great destination to meet sole Filipino women. single brides These kinds of dating sites allow you to search information, send email messages, instant message, and online video chat. All of these features make it easy for you to meet hot solo brides without much effort. As well as the best part is that these websites will allow you to communicate freely with single Filipino women of all ages.

Relationship Advice Meant for Couples

If you want to stay in a marriage and have a solid connection with your partner, try to find ways to communicate better. The first step in improving upon your communication should be to make sure occur to be listening to the other person. This will allow you to avoid feeling isolated and frustrated. Additionally , it’s important to communicate your feelings and promote these your partner.

Maintaining the marriage can take a whole lot of ukraine bride 10 u effort. The best couples are able to communicate regularly and talk about a lot more than household chores. Should your relationship is normally not healthy, which good opportunity that one of you will split up with your partner. In addition , you must make time to be around each other. This will help your relationship stay strong and last longer. And last but not how to get a wife least, it’s important to feel great about your self.

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When your partner is certainly acting in a manner that you don’t wish them to, make an effort talking to them in a calm manner. Ensure that you explain how come you think they’re acting in this way, and ask them to stop it. If they take issue, explain again as to why you don’t need them to continue the behavior. This way, find a bride they won’t feel like they’ve misinterpreted you.

One of the most important pieces of relationship suggestions is to listen to your partner. Pay attention to the method they say points, gestures, and possible vocal tone. The way they state things can reveal a whole lot about their feelings and their relationship status. You should be able to go through their emotions, and be knowledge of them.

When a romantic relationship is fresh, it is usually difficult to maintain your bond. This is important to keep in mind that it is journey, and it will have bumps on the way. However if you learn how to manage these types of bumps, you will have a better chance of preserving your romantic relationship.

Because you get closer to your companion, you should start to trust them even more. This will reduce the worry you are feeling in the relationship. Trust is essential in a relationship, because distrust bread of dogs distrust. For anyone who is suspicious of your partner, they will uncertainty your intentions. You need to talk about virtually any problems with your partner, and show them that you’re dependable.

It is also important for lovers to give each other a few space. Even though you’re equally busy together with your work, make time for each other. Switch off the TV and turn off your cellphone, so you can be alone with the partner. Beneath the thick agree on everything, so you will need to figure out how to accept that. However , your primary values shouldn’t be the source of your disagreements. Try to spend some time with all your partner, and generate it mainly because romantic as it can be.

Taking risks can be quite a great way to boost the relationship. Nevertheless , be sure to understand the fears prior to taking the start. By taking risks, then you can definitely build a strong foundation to your relationship and move toward your main goal of a happy future. Providing you have the will to continue forward along with your relationship, you makes it work.

The Stereotypes of Asian Girls Culture

If you are thinking about dating Oriental ladies, there are many things keep in mind. You ought to be prepared to go over your goals and expectations, as well as the lifestyle and childhood of your chosen woman. Many Hard anodized cookware women are raised while using the expectation to conform. This can cause guilt and alienation in the event that she makes an independent choice.

Asian girls are also encountered with stereotypes. These types of stereotypings tend to end up being based on what they have seen inside the media. Advertising depicts Asian females as passive, submissive, and docile. They are often hypersexualized, happen to be perceived for being perpetual foreigners, and absence leadership attributes. Often these types of stereotypes happen to be combined with public advancements, religious alterations, and lovemaking enhancements to create a stereotypical picture of Asian women of all ages.

The condition with these types of stereotypical images of Asian women is that they do not characterize all the details of Cookware women. A variety of types of Asian women have never been proven in any different way. Yet , they do have some traits which can be common across civilizations.

One of the important aspects of the asian woman’s lifestyle is marital life. In certain countries, women must be married by a several age. Additionally, the lady must marry a specific type of person. There are many unwritten find a bride rules that women have to adhere to when it comes to marriage.

As mail bride asian a result, women of all ages in East Asia encounter more pressure than men. Particularly when it comes to their looks. Eating disorders can be a serious concern, particularly over the world. It is not simply a private subject in Hard anodized cookware culture, but a public issue as well. When a woman is usually overweight or obese, it is usually difficult to convince her to lose weight. Moreover, it is not rare for the media to develop slimming centers and adverts for weight losing goods. Despite all of this, most Oriental women stay true to all their native customs and do not find external gratification.

Another area where stereotypes of Asian women happen to be perpetuated can be through advertising. While the media is certainly not the sole source foreign brides of these stereotypes, it is a significant one. Public websites can be a huge source of gossips and false information, similar to billboards and advertisements.

Even in the us, stereotypes of Asian girls are common. Some students are called “exotics”. Other Hard anodized cookware women will be perceived as wrong or easy to get along with.

These stereotypes can cause violence against Asian women. They not only lead to sexism, they can also be a origin of racism. Particularly, the fetishization of Asian women leads to unbelievable rates of violence. Luckily, there are more positive methods to view Asian women. For instance , Asian girls can be trained to teach their students about the culture and status of women in their region. Women could also play a positive role understand a new traditions.

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Oriental women, like other categories, are affected by the structures of power within their society. Yet , it is important to consider that these happen to be part of the customs and should be adapted to.

Areas to Meet Sole Women

There are many spots to meet one women, nonetheless one of the best is spouse dancing. Females often expect men to hold on to find a bride these people while breaking a leg. It is a non-creepy way to get to know a girl and build chemistry with her. You will discover numerous partner moving, including salsa, bachata, kizomba, tango, and ballroom.

Seashores and theme parks are also great places to meet sole women. While many of these women go to these kinds of places to unwind, many are interested in meeting a man. It is important to approach them with an endearing smile and not supply the impression that you’ll be looking for a time. Another great place to meet sole women is at cheerful hours and hobby clubs. These places currently have great packed areas and are great for understanding each other.

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Bars can be good places to meet single women. These kinds of places are super easy to approach, la – date and it is not so difficult to strike up a conversation. You may even wish to try asking someone out! The atmosphere is laid back, and booze puts people within a social ambiance. You can also make an effort talking to persons at various other tables and to unknown people who happen to be growing by. If you do not connect with some of them, you can always move on to the next person.

Caffeine shops are another great location to connect with single women. Some of these women are occupied, but at this time there are many who are able to chat with how to get a wife a man for some minutes. Just remember to generate eye contact as you approach and don’t always be shy. You never know, you might find a nice child to date.

Another great approach to meet single women of all ages is by helping out in a community. Helping out gives you a chance to meet fresh persons in a peaceful setting, and you may even help a worthy trigger. Many establishments need volunteers, and you can help to make the community better. Volunteering may also allow you to relinquish to your community, and women should appreciate the opportunity to meet a brand new friend.

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