Banish burnout in the workplace

Severe levels of burnout have been either experienced or witnessed by a lot of people in recent years, with Mark Bunn, the director of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health noting the ‘Great Resignation’ trend being one of the many side effects.

Growing work demands, emotional distress that has been strongly influenced by uncertainty surrounding the impact of the pandemic on personal and professional lives and the inability to balance the boundaries between work and home life, especially when we work from home are all attributing factors of burnout.

People are now reflecting on their purpose and their life expectations more than ever before.

A large subset of the population aren’t looking to work tirelessly for 30 to 40 years before reaching retirement and discovering that they have missed out on a lot of things.

So how can we banish burnout from the workplace and ensure that we retain staff that feel connected and positive about their role and their future?

Have an open communication policy

Encourage your employees to share their challenges. Provide a network of support, whether it be from the higher ups, their peers or from outsourced psychologists or well-being managers to assist in targeting specific challenges that they are facing.

It is all about showing empathy and allowing communication to occur.

Look at your workplace culture

Hustle culture, where those that work the hardest are rewarded the highest, is out. An inclusive workplace culture that encourages meaningful work that aligns with an employee’s values is in.

You will find that employees will likely work more, be more productive and morale will improve in the workplace as well.

Try to remove the emphasis from strict hours and client focus to a more holistic approach that suits the needs of everyone.

Celebrate the little things

Micro-recovery is a key way to banish burnout. Focus on small achievements throughout the day and enable frequent and small holidays to enable rejuvenation rather than looking at the 2 week holiday at the end of the year and hope that you can carry on until then.

Ensure your workplace offers information regarding the importance of sleep in aiding mental and physical recovery as well as providing tips on how micro-recovery and hitting small targets can improve their day to day wellbeing.

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