1 in 5 say accountants are your key to business survival


The Intuit’s Back to Business findings that were recently made available for us all have found that we are largely confident about business health moving forward and out of the pandemic.

With continued measures such as vaccination mandates, border control and financial support from the government, 81% of businesses are comfortable with the prediction that they will return to pre-pandemic levels in some 6 months.

According to the research, accountants and bookkeepers play an integral part in sustaining that kind of confidence, with 70% of those surveyed commenting on the valuable support of one or both of these professionals throughout the pandemic.

Whether it was advising businesses on the support packages available and guiding them through the timely application process, providing financial advice on where to cut expenses whilst maintaining jobs and supporting communities or simply being a stable support system, we have continued to provide valuable and up-to-date information designed to keep businesses not only surviving, but even thriving.

A further 1 in 5 businesses reported that they would not have survived if it wasn’t for their accountant or bookkeeper.

But our support doesn’t end now that measures are in place allowing us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 84% of those responding to the survey believe that we are crucial to helping businesses return to pre-pandemic levels.

As conditions continue to improve and we can gain a little more assurance from the government about longer term guidelines, businesses can take the opportunity to seek financial advice and support to make the most of their position and begin aiming for growth.

Digital take up is now an expectation from businesses and their supporting services. If you did not pivot your business to seek new revenue streams online, then you either had them in place already or needed to close your doors for some period of time.

From the 37% of respondents who indicated they did looked into new revenue streams, 85% stated that they will continue to use this in the future.

Growth is certainly possible for these businesses and we ourselves are pivoting to ensure that we have the most appropriate and capable tools available at your disposal so that you can take charge of the situation.

At Glance Consultants, we look forward to striving towards excellence and enjoying the ride with you. 

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