Client Information

Payment Summaries and/or please confirm lodgement of Income Statements

Private health insurance statement

Occupation title

TFN (if you are a new client)

Date of birth (if you are a new client)

Address (if you are a new client or your details have changed)

Bank account details for tax refund purposes (if you are a new client or your details have changed

Mobile number (if you are a new client or your details have changed)

Email address

Client’s Full Name (if you are a new client or your details have changed)
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

Spouse’s DOB (if you are a new client or your details have changed)

Spouse’s Taxable Income (an estimate is sufficient if current tax return has not been finalised)

Number of children/dependents (if applicable)

Your 2018 lodged tax return (if you are a new client)

Details of bank interest income earned

Employment Share Schemes

Dividends, trust distributions received, other income (if applicable)

Government benefits (if applicable)

Superannuation Income Streams

Details of any sale of investments (shares, properties, units, crypto currency etc)

Monthly telephone expense (with work related %)

Monthly internet expense (with work related %)

Average number of hours worked from home per week if applicable. (Alternatively please provide electricity and gas costs for the year if you work solely from home. In addition please provide the area of your home office as a % of the total floor area of your home.)

Printing & Stationery expenses

Have you carried out any work related courses which you have had to pay for? (course fees, stationery, text books, travel and computer expenses etc)

Tax agent fees from the last year (to be claimed as a deduction this year) (if you are a new client)

Work related clothing expenses (uniform and clothing, protective gear, laundry and dry cleaning expenses)

Investment related expenses (interest cost on margin loans, financial planner fees, subscriptions)

Charitable donations

Cost of any training, conferences or seminars you may have attended

Did you spend time at work past 7pm if so could you provide an estimate of the number of days (in addition, please provide receipts in relation to Meal & incidental costs)

Do you use your car for work purposes other than from home to work and back? If so please provide the number of KMs travelled or a logbook with a listing of motor vehicle expenses.

Home office expenses such as the purchase of chair, desk, printer, computer etc.

Income protection insurance premiums

Tools of trade

Membership fees, Subscriptions, Licences & Registration costs

Travel expenses in relation to work (flights, accommodation, meals). If you did travel for work, how many days in total were you away and were meal expenses reimbursed?

Other Work-Related Expenses

Foreign Income (employment, pensions, investments etc)

Do you own an investment property? If so, please provide the address, income and expenses including interest expenses on the investment loan for the financial year (agent statement, loan statement/interest expense summary, council rate notice, land tax notice, water rates charges, landlord insurance, repairs & maintenance, body corporate fees, mortgage insurance, depreciation report etc)

Please advise of concessional personal superannuation contributions made if applicable. If so, please provide the completed Notice of intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal super contributions form and associated acknowledgement from your Superannuation Fund.

Details of spouse superannuation contributions

*If you run a business, please contact our office

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