How to Maintain Customer Relationships During the Coronavirus Outbreak

how to maintain customer relationships during the coronavirus outbreakCOVID-19 has forced many organisations to scale down their business activities, if not temporarily stop their operations altogether. 

While we’re all going through a difficult time and struggling to adapt to our present situation, let’s not forget about our customers. What you do right now could determine the way your customers will work with you in the future. 

Here are some tips to help you nurture customer relationships during the outbreak. 

Humanise Your Brand

Empathy can go a long way — especially during these times. Show your customers that your organisation is more than the services or products you provide. Let them know the steps you’re taking to support your customers, employees and stakeholders. 

The best way to do this is through social media channels. Additionally, consider sending out email newsletters regularly.   

Develop a Customer Communication Strategy

Uncertainties can easily lead to anxiety in the part of your customers. Communication is important. Please don’t leave your customers in the dark. But make sure everyone in your company is saying the same things when reaching out to them. 

To avoid wrong information being sent out or miscommunication, it’s best to create a customer communication task force within your company. This group will be responsible for creating your customer communication strategy. Keep the team small and when possible, choose key individuals that are familiar with the customer-facing side of your business.

Prioritise Customer Issues and Inquiries

It’s understandable for customers to reach out to you more often during a crisis. To ensure you’re providing support promptly, develop a system that prioritises more pressing issues. This way, you could provide immediate assistance to customers who need your support ASAP.

Additionally, never forget to reach out to customers for follow-up. This way, you can make sure that you provided appropriate assistance for them.  

Stick to Your Company Values

It’s easy to forget about your company values, mission, and vision when you’re trying to keep your business afloat. 

Remember that it’s during these times that your customers need you to stick to your promises. Assure them that you will continue to provide the level of support they’ve come to love about your organisation. 

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